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Finally Drake and Kanye West Finish Their Beef

One of the things that many entertainment lovers have been waiting for is to see rappers from the United States, Drake and Kanye West β€˜Ye’ buried their bifu, and finally that came true.

The two, who have been whispering to each other for a long time, have been spotted together on waking night today.

In confirmation of that, a person close to rapper Kanye West, β€˜Jason’ used his twitter page to post a comment on the video. “Drake Squashed The Beef With Kanye West Last Night In Toronto” – Jason.

It will be recalled that last weekend, in a video posted by rapper Kanye West β€˜Ye’ on his Instagram page, he asked Drake to end their beef and have a joint concert later this year to raise their voices with the aim of helping Larry Hoover out of prison.

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